Height safety compliance, certification and annual re certifications

height safety certification
In order to act in accordance with Australian legislation your height safety equipment must be regularly inspected and certified as being compliant with the law. Even in a short time like 12 months, your structure could be rendered unsafe due to a number of possible causes.

Super Height Safety's engineers can check for issues which might be:-

Corrosion - our proximity to the coast and salt laden air can cause major issues with the integrity of your fall protection and fall arrest systems.

Building or structure modifications - can render your height safety access system design completely out of date.

Building work - can damage access equipment so its no longer compliant

Storm damage - re checking height safety equipment after a major storm event is a always a priority

Metal fatigue - highly stressed components in your height protection safety system may be subjected to vibration or bending forces and need to be checked for integrity on a regular basis.

General wear and tear and misuse

Initial safety equipment installation - may be of questionable quality

There are high risks associated with working at height. Don’t risk the health of yourself or the people working at height on your premises, and don’t risk falling foul of the legislated framework that’s set up to protect everyone working at height.

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Height safety compliance inspection schedules

Schedule intervals for safety checks are carried out annually. Superior Height Safety's engineers offer this service for a reasonable annual fee. All types of height safety equipment can be inspected such as roof anchor points and static safety lines together with the host structure to ensure no corrosion or damage will jeopardise the operating safety parameters of the installed equipment.

Height safety compliance nspections are carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 1891-2000 Part 4 Section 9.

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